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Your hot tub or spa is an intregal part of your vacation rental house. It is the reason some of your renters have chosen to spend their vacation in your house instead of the one of your down the road. Your hot might also be the reason why your renters do not come back for repeat visits as much as you would like. If the water quality is not kept just right your vacationers won't enjoy their time in the hot tub. If they can't enjoy the hot tub like they had planned they will be looking for a different house to rent next summer and you lose.

One of the goals in owning a vacation rental house on the Outer Banks is to get the gross rental income up to a level where you are comfortable owning the home. One of the easiest ways to increase your rental income is to encourage your renters to come back to your house every year for their vacation. The more repeat renters you have the easier it is to book more weeks.

There are lots of ways to make your renters time spent at your house so memorial that they want to come back for more. One of the most important things you can do is to not chase away the renters you have now. A dirty hot tub will guarantee you won't see those renters names on your list of renter names ever again.

My extended family rented a big oceanfront house one year and the water in the hot tub was dirty. Someone came around and fixed it the next day but the idea of getting into the hot tub for me was ruined. I had looked forwar to using the hot tub in the rental house but after seeing the water so dirty I never got in even though it was just outside my bedroom.

Not many people know about the dirty hot tub that killed someone on the OBX a while back. This is an extreme case but it emphasises the need to keep your property in good shape. While your insurance will cover you if something happens they will try to minimise their exposure by looking at your efforts to mitigate the danger. If you ignore the obvious you might not actually have coverage.

You can probably find an OBX hut tub and spa cleaner who will do the job for a discount price. Just don't be surprised when you find out you got discount service to go a along with that discount price. Pool cleaners still have to make their money so with the discount price the servicer will work more hot tubs to make up the difference. Your hot tub doesn't get the attention it needs and you end up losing repeat renters. Not good.

Here at H2OBX Pools & Spas we take pride in our work and guaratee your hot tub or spa will always look and smell inviting to your guests. Contact us today for a quote to have your hot tub and/or pool cleaned for the vacation rental season. You can count on us to maintain all the systems and perform any repairs as needed.