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The re-surfacing of a pool can cost between $4,000 and $7,000 for a standard size swimming pool. If your pool is improperly cleaned or your chemicals are not kept in proper balance, this can result in staining, fading, uneven wear, and corrosion of your pool surface.

In order to keep your chemicals balanced, your pool pump, motor, and filtration systems all need to be in working order and functioning at maximum efficiency. If any or all of these parts are not running at their optimal potential, it can start a domino effect that can lead to a green pool and surface damage. Your pool cleaning professional is trained to spot these problems before they arise which is why

pool repair needs

too much Chorine

not enough chlorine

scrub the water line around the perimeter of the pool to remove the scum line form all the sun tan lotion

A pool cleaning service trying to save money will sacrifice something and usually it is the pools and hot tubs they service.

. Services * Sandblasting * Epoxy Coating * Tile & Coping * Leak & Crack Repairs * Acid Washing * Pool Plumbing * Deck Repair & Coping * Pump Replacement * Resurfacing * Re-plastering * Equipment Repairs * Pool Pumps * Motors * Filters * Timers * Lights * Valves * Pool Repair * Paint or plaster surfaces * Tile replacement * Coping * Pump and filtration replacement * Heater installation * Safety cover Installation * Chlorine generating systems (salt)

weekly/monthly pool repair and maintenance services, you will get a thorough cleaning and inspection each and every time

Provides real time updates on all services completed.

• full service operation

• All service, repair or maintenance calls are handled by professionals . Your business is too important to our success to outsource it to a sub-contract agent. This also abides by all state and federal laws and helps lower any potential liability to our Customers.

• We have a parts inventory to provide the quickest turn around possible on your service needs.
• Our Service and Maintenance Technicians have been fully trained to not only provide the most professional pool attention, but address any item that could be a potential liability to our Customers or their Guests.
•For provide prompt service or repair calls 7 days a week.


Common pool problems

current Pool Problems
Bather Comfort
Water smells like chlorine-ammonia
Eye and/or skin irritation
Visible Algae
Green-Black spots
Pink slime
Water Clarity
Water Color
Surface Stains
Rust on metal fixtures
Pitting/corrosion of metal parts and/or plaster
Scale formation along waterline
Dark oily ring along the waterline
Water Foaming