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Southern Shores Pool Cleaning

One of the biggest single investments you'll ever make is your beach house in Southern Shores here on the Outer Banks. Like most vacation rental owners you work to get the highest gross rental income possible, therefore feeling much more comfortable owning your beach house. One of the easiest ways to increase your yearly rental income is to encourage your renters to come back to your house, year after year, for their vacation. The more repeat renters you have, the easier it is to book more weeks.

Sparkling pool water is a memory maker for thousands of Southern Shores vacationers every year. Make sure your vacation property is one of the memory makers and not one of the nightmare houses. There are lots of ways you can make your guests' visits so memorable, they'll want to come back for more. One of the most important things you can do is to not chase away the renters you have now. A dirty hot tub will guarantee you won't see those renters' names on your guest bookings list ever again.

Regular pool cleaning and chemical testing are among a few of the steps necessary in maintaining your investment. A dirty pool will chase away any chance of potential repeat renters. And don't forget the hot tub! A dirty hot tub can ruin a guest's vacation, leaving your house vulnerable to their revenge for the whole week they're in your house.

H2OBX Pools & Spas will be there for you when you are ready to start the season. We will see you through until the close of the OBX rental season by closing up your pool and/or hot tub for the winter. You pool will be cleaner than ever before with our routine pool cleaning. If anything happens along the way we will be there to take care of anything that arises from routine maintenance to all types of repairs. Choose the best pool cleaning company from Corolla and Duck to Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk and contact H2OBX Pool & Spas for excellent ongoing service on your pool and hot tub.

You can also count on us to keep all of your pool and hot tub equipment in good working condition. When the inevitable repair work arises it will be handled promptly and professionally and we won't use the situation to gouge you and your investment.. Our friendly technicians will listen to your concerns and react to your suggestions and requests.

You can probably find a Southern Shores pool cleaner who will do the job for a discount price. Just don't be surprised when you discover you got discount service along with that discount price. Discount pool and spa cleaners might take on too many accounts or become stingy with the chemicals, leaving your pool and your property Suffering. You could lose repeat renters. Not good!

Here at H2OBX Pools & Spas we take pride in our work and guarantee your hot tub or spa will always look and smell inviting to your guests. Contact us today for a quote to have your Southern Shores pool & hot tub cleaned for the vacation rental season. You can count on us to maintain all pool and hut tub systems, and perform any repairs as needed.

Southern Shores Hot Tub Cleaning

Your hot tub is more vulnerable to the effects of use than any swimming pool. The small quantity of water in a hot tub combined with the miniture filtering system leads to increased bacteria build up.

Southern Shores Pool Cleaning Services

Twice weekly swimming pool and hot tub maintence schedule.


Our easy weekly pricing saves you from having to pay for weeks the house is not rented.